Math Practice Problems

1. Matthew and his brother Shawn played swimming-pool-basketball.
Each basket was worth 3 points. Matthew scored 9 points.
Shawn scored 6 points. What is the total number of baskets made
during this game?


2. Mrs. Calmes had 24 doughnuts, she ate 6. She then took the remaining doughnuts and put them into 3 boxes. How many doughnuts were in each box?


3. Mr. Cunloft has 3 bags of candy with 10 pieces in each bag. He wants to spilt ALL of the candy equally between 6 friends. How many pieces will each friend get?



A contractor was buying wall outlets for a new house he was building. Each room needed three outlets. If the house has nine rooms, how many outlets does he need total?


5. Mrs. Ritter is having a party. She orders 4 pizzas that have 6 slices in each pizza. Each person at the party will get one slice, how many people are coming to the party?


6. Mr. Caudill is planting a garden for the school. He wants to plant 32 seeds. Each pack has 8 seeds it in, how many packs of seeds does he need to plant his garden?


7. Dawn has 21 candies that she wants to make into parcels of 3. She wants to give these parcels to 5 of her friends. How many parcels will she have left over?


8. Henry was reading through his favorite book series. He had thirtyfive books to read total. If he read seven books each week, how many weeks would it take him to finish the series?


9. Samantha and Krystal have twenty minutes to walk to school together. It takes them six minutes to get to the corner where the library is. It takes them another seven minutes to get to the fire station. How much longer do they have to get to school without being late?


10. Paige had a nature collection. She had 25 acorns, 16 dried seed pods, and 8 feathers. She

divided the acorns into 5 equal groups, the seed pods into 4 equal groups and the feathers into 2

equal groups. She gave her mother one group of each kind. How many separate items did her

mother get?

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